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How does Oilheat heat water?

Furnace How does Oilheat heat water?

There are two kinds of Oil-fired water heaters: direct-fired water heaters, and indirect that use the heating system water from the boiler to heat the domestic water.

A direct-fired water heater heats the water in a storage tank directly by the heat of the oil flame on the outside of the tank. You'll usually find a direct-fired water heater in a home with a warm air furnace.

Indirect-fired water heaters heat the water in the home with a boiler. The boiler water heats the domestic water. The domestic water and boiler water are separated by a heat exchanger. The most common indirect is the tankless coil. It is a coil of copper pipe inside the boiler. The water flows through the inside of the coil where it is heated by the boiler water surrounding it. It is then delivered to the faucets and appliances around the house. A better option uses a combination of a coil and a storage tank. The boiler water flows through the coil. The domestic water is heated by the coil and stored in the tank until a faucet or appliance is turned on.

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